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parvifolia ‘Elmer II’ P.P. #7552: “Allée® Chinese Elm / Emerald Vase Elm”. A beautiful large shade tree considered one of the finest replacements for the diseased American Elm. Upright, spreading form produces excellent shade for parks, boulevards, rural ranches, & larger home sites. Attractive exfoliating bark, muted gold fall color. Resistant to Dutch Elm disease. Deciduous. Full sun. Medium to fast growth to 55-65′ tall & wide. Zone 5.

parvifolia sempervirens ‘Drake’: “Drake’s Chinese Elm”. Attractive round headed canopy forms a broad, spreading crown with pendant branches. Interesting shedding bark on older trees adds to its attraction. Excellent shade tree. Semi-evergreen. Full sun. Fast grower to 30-35′ tall, 40-45′ wide. Zones 6-9.

parvifolia sempervirens ‘True Green’: “True Green Chinese Elm”. Semi-evergreen. Full sun. Fast grower to 40-60′ tall, 50-70′ wide. Interesting shedding bark on older trees adds to its attraction. Excellent shade tree. Round headed form with small, deep green leaves. Zones 3-24.


bonairensis ‘Lollipop’: Dark green toothed leaves along thin square scabrous (rough textured) stems form a dwarf mound.  Lavender-purple flowers in summer-fall. 1-2’tall & 2-3′ wide. Full sun. Attracts bees & butterflies. Deer resistant. Low water needs. Zones 7-10.

‘Empress Flair’ Series: Mounding, trailing, compact habit to 6-12″ tall & 10-24″ wide. Sun-partial shade. Dark green foliage. Blooms in spring-fall. Deer resistant. Tolerant of both heat & cold. Attracts bees, butterflies, & hummingbirds. Requires deadheading to promote more blooms. Annual.
        ‘Burgundy’: Large, maroon flowers.
        ‘Purple Sky’: Extra large, violet purple flowers.
        ‘Violet Blue’: Large, deep violet blue flowers.

hybrid ‘EnduraScape™’ Series: The Endurascape series has the hardiness of Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ with the additional benefit that it flowers steadily throughout the summer instead of in cycles. Endurascape cultivars are powdery-mildew resistant. 8-12″ tall & 18-24″ wide.  Full sun. Heat & cold tolerant. Blooms spring-winter. It’s winter hardy to USDA Zone 8b.
        ‘Dark Purple’ (‘Balendakle’  P.P. #26,131): Dark purple flowers.
        ‘Hot Pink’ (‘Balendred’ P.P. #26,132): Dark pink flowers.
        ‘Pink Bicolor’ PPAF: Light pink & dark pink bicolor flowers.
        ‘Purple’ (‘Balendurim’ PPAF ): Purple flowers.
        ‘Red’ (‘Balendred’ P.P. #26,132): Dark scarlet red.
        ‘White Blush’ (‘Balendish’ P.P. #25,839): White flowers with a pink blush.

hybrid ‘Superbena® Royale’ Series: “Superbena Verbena”. The early, compact habit of the Superbena® Royale series becomes a vigorous spreading plant. It’s flowers are sweetly fragrant. The exceptional branching creates cascades of flower clusters. Blooms in spring-fall. Full sun-partial shade. 6-12″ tall & 18-30″ wide. Heat tolerant. Drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies. Zones 8-11.
        ‘Burgundy’: Burgundy red flowers.
        ‘Purple’: Dark purple flowers.
        ‘Royale Red’: Dark red flowers.
        ‘Royale White Cap’: White flowers.

hybrid ‘Tapien’™ Series: “Tapien Verbena”. Nicknamed “Carpet of Blossoms”. Colorful, fast growing, versatile with a neat, flat multi-branching growth habit. Strong enough to use as a groundcover. It can also be used in pots, beds, window boxes, baskets, & mixed plantings. Heat resistant. Grows best in full sun. 3-7″ tall & 12-36″ wide. Dead heading not necessary. Zones 8-11.
        ‘Blue Violet’: (Verbena hybrid ‘SUNmaref TP-V’ USPP 9,411). Dark blue violet flower clusters.

x.h. ‘Aztec’ Series: “Aztec Verbena”. Mounded, trailing habit is great for multiple uses. Blooms Spring thru Fall. Attracts bees, butterflies, & hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Heat & drought tolerant. Low maintenance. Excellent powdery mildew tolerance. 8-10″ tall & 12-18″ wide. Full sun. Zones 8-11.
        ‘Blue Velvet’: Indigo blue flowers with a white eye.
        ‘Burgundy Wink’: Burgundy & white bicolor flowers.
        ‘Dark Red’: Bright red flower clusters.
        ‘Red Velvet’: Bright red flowers with a white eye.
        ‘Violet Improved’: Violet purple flowers.
        ‘Violet Wink’: Violet purple flowers with a white eye.
        ‘White’: Bright white flower clusters.
        ‘Wild Rose’: Bright rose pink flowers with a white eye.

x.h. ‘Aztec Magic™’ Series: “Aztec Magic Verbena”. Mounded, trailing habit is great for multiple uses. Distinguished by their finely, serrated foliage. Blooms Spring thru Fall. Heat & drought tolerant. Excellent powdery mildew tolerance. Low maintenance. Height 8-10″; width 12-18″. Full sun. Attracts bees, butterflies, & hummingbirds. Drought tolerant. Zones 8-11.
        ‘Magic Magenta’: Deep magenta flowers.
        ‘Magic Plum’: Plum purple flowers.


tinus ‘Compactum’: “Spring Bouquet Viburnum”. Beautiful evergreen shrub with lightly fragrant, pinkish white flowers in spring followed by dark blue-black fruit. Dense, compact growth habit makes this a favorite choice for small hedges, screens, or foundation plantings. Smaller, darker green leaves than V. tinus. Full sun. Moderate, upright grower to 4-6′ tall & wide. Zones 7-11.


minor ‘Bowles’: “Bowles Dwarf Periwinkle”. Large blue flowers complement glossy green leaves. A stunning ground cover for difficult situations such as dry shade under trees & for erosion control on banks or slopes. Best performance when shaded from hot afternoon sun. Blooms in mid-late spring. tall. Height to 6″. Zone 4-9.

minor ‘Illumination’ USPP #12,132: A stable, variegated selection of vinca vine with golden centers and green margins. Foliage starts out a chartreuse color, transitions to a rich golden color and finally matures to a cream color.  The blue flowers in spring-summer, contrast well against the foliage. 3-6″ tall & 15-18″ wide. Sun-partial shade. Use as a groundcover, specimen plant in the front of borders and rock gardens. It also does well as a container plant. Deer resistant. Zones 4-10.


‘Etain’: Mid-bright green foliage that forms neat clumps. The fragrant flowers are a mixture of cream and yellow with violet purple edge in late spring-summer & sporadically through fall. Dead heading Viola ‘Etain’ regularly will prolong the season. Full sun-partial shade. 6″ tall & 6-12″ wide. Attracts birds & butterflies. Zones 4-8.

‘Rebecca’: Fragrant flowers are white with a yellow blush and deep violet purple markings around the edges. Blooms produced in spring-summer. Spreading growth makes a lush groundcover or rock garden plant. 6-10″ tall & 6-12″ wide. Sun-partial shade. Attracts birds & butterflies. Zones 4-8.


agnus-castus ‘Blue Puffball’ PPAF: (Vitex agnus-castus ‘PIIVAC-Il’ PPAF). Blue Puffball™ is the first perfectly dwarf chaste tree. Growing to only 3-4′ tall & wide, Blue Puffball™ is a perfect ball-shaped plant with deep blue, fragrant flowers from June through September. The flowers form on new growth, so it can be used as a dieback shrub in colder climates! Full sun. Zones 6-9. A First Editions® Plant.

agnus-castus ‘Delta Blue’ PPAF: (Vitex agnus-castus ‘PIIVAC-I’ PPAF). Delta Blues™ is the first intermediate Vitex in the market. It is not nearly as coarse as other Vitex with a compact, rounded to upright growth habit. It has fragrant, dark bluish-purple flowers followed by small, shiny, reddish fruit. The foliage is dark green, fragrant and more refined than other selections. 8-10′ tall & wide. Full sun. Delta Blues adapts to acid or alkaline soils as long as the site is well-drained. It is also salt tolerant. Zones 6-9. A First Editions® Plant.


fruticosa ‘Smokey’: “Coast Rosemary”. Evergreen shrub. A medium growing, compact shrub which grows to 4-6′ tall & wide. Green foliage with a creamy white margin. Small white flowers tinged with violet bloom mostly in the spring, but can bloom year-round. Sun-partial shade. Drought tolerant. Seaside/salt tolerant. Zones 8-11.

‘Wynyabbie Gem’: “Coast Rosemary”. A fast growing, dense shrub that can reach 6-8′ tall by 4-6′ wide. It has slender gray-green foliage with white underneath that radiates out from the dark stems in evenly spaced whorls. The clusters of attractive mauve-pink flowers are produced throughout the year. Full sun-partial shade. Drought & seaside tolerant. Can be sheared, but it is reported that it may shorten the lifespan of the plant with regular shearing. Hardy to 25-30ºF. Zone 9-11.


sinensis ‘Caroline Purple’: “Caroline Chinese Wisteria”. One of the most common Wisteria in the west. Leaves are 10-12″ long, divided into 7-13 leaflets. Blooms before leaf out.. Clusters of purple, slightly fragrant flowers are shorter (to 1′) than those of W. floribunda – but they make quite a show, since flowers open all at once nearly all along the cluster. Deciduous vine. Grafted form. 13-30′ tall & 13′ wide. Sun-partial shade. Zones 5-8.

sinensis ‘Cooke’s Special Purple’: “Cooke’s Purple Wisteria”. This cultivar has been listed under both W. sinensis & simply the cultivar name; its actual ancestry is uncertain. The plants are stocky & vigorous, with the broad leaflets of W. sinensis. It flowers early, along with W. s. ‘Caroline Purple’, & has extraordinary masses of 10″ clusters. The flowers are strongly bicolored, having dark purple wings (the lower petals) & a lighter banner. The fragrance is also outstanding. Selected at L.E. Cooke Nurseries. Deciduous vine. 30-40′ tall & 20-30′ wide. Full sun-partial shade. Zones 5-8.

sinensis ‘Texas White’: “Texas White Wisteria”. Leaves are 10-12″ long, divided into 7-13 leaflets. Blooms before leaf out.. Clusters of white, slightly fragrant flowers – but they make quite a show, since flowers open all at once nearly all along the cluster. Deciduous vine. 15-30′ tall & wide. Sun-partial shade. Zones 5-8.


senticosa: “Shiny Xylosma”. Evergreen. Bronzy young foliage on spreading, gracefully arching branches turns to shiny green. 10-12′ tall & wide. Sun-partial shade. Takes shearing well, easily trained as espalier or as a versatile hedge or screening plant . Tolerates heat. Ornamental berries attract birds. Zones 8-11.


aethiopica: “Common Calla Lily”. Forms large clumps of leaves 1½’ long, 10″ wide. Pure white or creamy white, 8″ long spathes on 3′ stems appear mostly in spring & early summer. Nearly evergreen in mild areas, deciduous where winters are cold. Sun near coast & partial shade inland. Thrive on heavy watering. Zones 8-10.


candida: “Argentine Rain Lily, Zephyr Flower, Fairy Lily”. Grows from bulbs & forms clumps of shiny, grassy leaves. White, 2″ flowers, sometimes stained pink in throat in late summer-fall. 1′ tall & 1-2′ wide. Evergreen in warmer part of range. Good edging plant or groundcover. Usually sold as a potted plant but can be planted out at any time. Attracts beneficial insects. Full sun-partial shade. A U.C. Davis Arboretum All-Star Selection. Zones 7-10.

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